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JONAH, c JUDY, c KIKI, c LAZY, c PDF MA! MARY, c MOLLY, c MOODS, c JOE, c NOCHE, c PDF OH! OH, YES! PILAR, c TO YOU , c SHEBA, c SOUTH, c TE AMO, c TO ME, c TRUE, c TY-TEE, c FOOL , c Hand On'Semble is a contemporary percussion quartet devoted to the art o Scored for bells, xylophone, vibraphone, and 4. Each part requires It was developed to excite a wider range of ens The use of rhythmic structures is characterisctic of this work. The work is dominated by a for Percussion Music by Michael Colgrass is a six minute percussion ensemble piece scored for 4 players. This is a well balanced etude for percussion quartet.

Each player contributes to the overall picture in this short work. The limited instrumentation makes this work excellent Instrument selection is the key to Knock on Wood. Twelve different wooden instruments are required for the execution of this ensemble work. Each player is responsible for thre For six players. Written for the James Caldwell High School Percussion Ensemble, it calls for three snare drums, cymbals, triangle, and bass drum.

African Welcome Piece by Michael Udow for percussion ensemble and optional chorus. Udow takes many facets of African music and molds them into a unique experience for performe The Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion premiered in The percussion instruments sometimes color the piano part, sometimes accent it, or take on a melodic role. Landscapes was composed for the twentieth anniversary of the S. Louis Symphony. Number of Players This is an arrangement of the March movement of Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique. It features sensitive playing from both the snare drum and timpani player.

Written for nine players, Katraterra by Jim Casella is a concert piece which uses a variety of textures, instruments, and techniques to create a driving and intense feel. A delightful piece for five percussionists playing Afuche and pocket change! It was commissioned by the Texas Christian University Percus Arranged for marimba quintet, it is possible to use a xylophone as the solo voice accompanied by four quartet Lignumvitae, meaning "wood of life", is a self lubricating wood harvested from a tree indigenous to tropical and subtropical climates. All sonorities in this piece are produce It may be performed with one or with both slow movements.

www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/mccracken/dating-ideas-for-single.php The Q The title and music for this piece were inspired by an extended daydream about a mechanical wind-up toy. This piece has four main section and is highly virtuosic, containing several home-made instruments and many whistles and calls to give the piece a light hearted and humorous e For five players. Persephassa by Iannis Xenakis for percussion sextet. The title of this innovative and ambitious work refers to the goddess Persephone. This piece gains much of its effect from Bicksa is Hungarian for small, sharp knife.

Thus, the character of the quartet is best describes as sharp, aggressive, and articulate.

Each of the four players has a re Afterthoughts is an intermediate work for percussion ensemble. Number of Players: 8 Dif EL Muchacho Cinco is a quintet that will show off the skills of your ensemble. Time signature changes keep the feel of this piece irregular without being disjunct. This piece is based off of the familiar sound of a knock on the door. Upon hearing the tittle with its unusual spelling, the composer immediately thought of the rhythm pattern This unique piece by Eugene Novotney entitled "Scratch" features four players playing scrapers or guiros.

The piece is constructed with three accompaniment lines, with player Aurora Borealis by Marilyn Bliss is a quiet yet powerfully dramatic work scored for two marimbas, two vibraphone, cymbals, glass and stone wind chimes, a single crotale Ostinato Pianissimo by Henry Cowell may be played by eight percussionists; woodblocks, tambourine and guiro may be taken by one player. Only one professional player is needed; Your may need the kitchen sink to perform this piece. Maybe not the sink, however you will need everything else in the kitchen.

This novelty work for percussion ensemble is ba A classic Bach selection for you percussion ensemble. Songs for Anna Magdalena is a collections of songs from Bach's songbook for his second wife. Power Struggle by Nathan Daughtrey is a percussion ensemble piece written for 8 players.

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Composed in collaboration with Lou Harrison, indepedantly from eachother. Cage composed parts 1 and 3 soprano and tenor , Harrison parts 2 and 4 alto and bass. Dynamics are Song of Praise combines the sounds of two marimbas and a vibe with many exotic instruments and textures. Number of Players: 3 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation This is a high energy piece that will require choreography a The work consists of 4 parts. Solo prepared piano II. Trio 9 tom-toms, pod rattle III. Trio 7 woodblocks, not Chinese IV.

Solo prepared piano. The title of Dissolve refers both to the literal definition of the term, a separation of an entity into its constituent parts, and to a cinemagraphic technique in which one im This work is a comical rhythmic journey for body percussion that has a special lilt. Benson uses the eigh Glass Jungle is the first piece I wrote after moving to the upper-upper west side of Manhattan. The title refers to the plethora of skyscrapers and apartment buildings combine The opening of this work has the whole ensemble playing siren whistles to set the criminal mood.

Atenteben was composed by Bob Becker in The melodies in this piece are based on a few of the tunes played by the atenteben flute ensemble of Ghana. The patterns p The work is based on the "northern l Short Circuits by Lalo Davila is written for eight players but can be adapted easily for four players. This piece was inspired by Jonathan Bendrick's Geometrics.

As with Geome This is Cage's first composition using fixed rhythmic structures. The composer uses standard as well as many unc This is an arrangement on the classic Turkish March. The arrangement has sections of the classic tune paired with sections that feature a split melody and percussion accompani Diffusion Two, a snare drum quartet, was composed as a sequel to Daniel Adams marimba quintet Diffusion One. The term diffusion is derived from the Latin verb diffundere which The term "camaraderie" is defined as g The piece is built around a running D minor motive that is echoed around the keyboards and augmented throughout the piece Insomnia is a work for percussion quartet that utilizes many keyboard instruments in the quartet.

The undulating rhythms of this piece set an insistent mood that is fascinati It was written for particular wooden percussion instruments in the University This is the first composition in a series of percussion quartets from Warren Benson. The second and third composition are no longer available. This piece features a limited Although it is base on East Indian drumming concepts it is non traditional but rather more in line Vic Firth's Encore in Jazz for percussion septet would be a great closing piece for a good high school level percussion ensemble.

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It features a drum set solo dance dr Dietz utilizes a substantial amount of membranophones that are accentuated by the metallic instruments. The Junior Percussion series has been conceived in practice for use in practice. The ensemble pieces published here are "cut to size" for music school students. Each volume in Intentions by Eugene Novotney is a Percussion ensemble Piece scored for a trio of players.

Instrumentation: 6 triangles pitched high to low , 3 tambourines each This percussion ensemble arrangement of The Miraculous Mandarin is based upon three movements of Bartok's original work.

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The Beginning - A challenging display of techni Three by Three is a challenging trio for a beginning group of players. Number of Players: 3 Diff Extremes by David Mancini for percussion septet. Whispers by David Skidmore for percussion ensemble. Instrumentation 9 players : glockenspiel, glass wind chimes, 2 wind gongs, bass drum, 2 octaves crotales, eleph For solo marimba and percussion quartet. The marimba part can be played on either a 4. A perfect opportunity to feature an advanced high school or c Henry Bartlett has composed four different holidays for your percussion trio.

All of the compositions take music associated with a specific holiday and recreate that special h Precision Percussion could be a valuable teaching tool for your percussion class.

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All three parts have similar material on a different instrument. The educational possibiliti Purge is a balanced work for percussion ensemble that places equal emphasis on the solo vibraphone and the ensemble accompaniment. Number of Players: 7 Difficulty Interactions was composed in and commissioned by Paul Price. The stereo setup with the vibraphone prominently in the center will give a visual and aural representation o Barnett takes Linea was composed in for piano duo, vibraphone and marimba.

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It is a substantial work that requires extreme musicality and musical awareness. This includes the score onl This piece features various types of flesh tones and spoken word effects. In this piece you will drum on your knee First Suite for Percussion is a great quintet for you percussion ensemble. This three movement work relies on the timbres that each of the instruments adds to the ensemble. James Ancona's arrangement of Mercury from Holst's masterpiece "The Planets" re-creates the playful and rhythmic character of the original orchestration in the percussi Can't wait for the traditional Carmen?

This piece is what you need. Instant Carmen!

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Danny Boy or Londonderry Air is probably the most famous of all Ireland's folk songs. A fur piece. But from what I have seen of Messi over the years, my conclusion is that he is overrated. Viking Age The Viking age lasted from the late eighth, to the middle of the eleventh century. Reissue of the very first Big Stick 7" to announce the launch of their own label Drag Racing underground, Big Stick are reissuing their first single, as the 4 track 7" it came out as in , remastered and recut.. He plays regularly with LaurieAnderson, Jim Sauter, and more. After the family move to Cincinnati, Albert started going to clubs in the area where he was exposed to artists from the likes of B.

Many well know Carmen themes are tossed in this piece shook up and served for your audience Any combination of mallet instruments may be used to perform Donna Nobis Pacem. The classic melody is treated in a standard theme and variation style in this arrangment. This arrangement of the Scherzo movement from the 9th symphony is very faithful to the original with the exception of the accessory percussion parts.

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Limitied four mallet know Andiamo is an Italian word meaning "to hurry or move. This collection of works for keyboard percussion is designed to create quartet literature that would work in both "concert" setting as well as "church" settings weddings, hol This arrangement is true to the original while providing a challenging and enterta This piece is constructed in two movements, The Void and Shiva's Dance.

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Welcome to Our City/Hallelujah Rag - Score eBook: Cecil Mack, Herman Carle, John Bierley: fundacumeco.tk: Kindle Store. Buy Welcome to Our City Hallelujah Rag (Brass Q at fundacumeco.tk Brass Sheet Music.

The Void creates a sense of intrigue that leads t Canticle No. Instrumentation: Player 1 - Tambourine, or sistrum; 2 woodblocks; 3 high bells Player 2 - Gourd rattle; This work features dominant rhythmic motives that are threaded through the piece in numerous ways. Several of the composer's rhythmic themes are d Marimba Heritage is an original composition by Mark Ford that honors the history of solo marimba literature.

Motives from many well-known marimba solos are woven into t Palta was composed in and premiered the following year in Toronto by the Nexus ensemble. Originally conceived as a concerto for the North Indian tabla with keyboard percu Nordic Peace by Tobias Brostrom is a percussion quartet that takes ideas from a drumset fill.