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Each new station is built by the previous one and is located ever farther away from Earth. In the days before faster-than-light travel FTL , nine stations are laboriously constructed around nine stars, all lacking habitable planets. The stationers and the merchanters who man the ships that supply them both develop distinct cultural identities , but remain psychologically and to some degree materially dependent on Earth.

Still, directives from Earth, bound by the speed of light, arrive hopelessly out-of-date and are routinely ignored, making the Earth Company's attempts to maintain control increasingly futile. When Pell's World is discovered in the Tau Ceti system, the fragile economic and political equilibrium is disrupted.

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Not only is this new planet's biosphere reasonably hospitable to humans — requiring only gas masks and air tanks for survival — but it also supports intelligent alien life, the gentle, technologically primitive Hisa, called "Downers" by humans. Importantly, human crops can be grown on Pell's World, dangerously weakening Earth's economic dominance. After the construction of Pell Station above the planet, colonists expand outward in space with renewed vigor and build additional stations even more distant from Earth.

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The first successful FTL probe using newly developed jump technology is launched in Earth takes advantage of the breakthrough to try to re-assert its authority among the colonists. With a poor understanding of stationers and merchanters alike, its clumsy attempts backfire, provoking first unrest, then occasional armed clashes, and eventually rebellion. As the situation spirals out of control, the Earth Company commissions the building of 50 military carriers, the "Company Fleet", under the command of Conrad Mazian, to enforce its orders.

source url The situation culminates in with the declaration of an independent Union by the colonists centered at the Cyteen system, another habitable planet and space station at Lalande , precipitating outright war. Union augments its population and armed forces with genetically engineered and psychologically conditioned human clones , called azi , which are seen as an abomination by Earth.

Fighting between the Fleet and Union forces is fierce during the ensuing "Company War". The stations closest to Earth, disturbed by the azi and other developments on the Union side, remain loyal to Earth; several of these are destroyed by Union action. With sporadic, inadequate support from Earth, the Fleet has no choice but to forcibly requisition equipment and personnel from the increasingly alienated merchanters. However, these measures only serve to maintain the existing warships.

Without new ships to replace its combat losses, the Fleet gradually begins to lose a war of attrition. Caught in the middle are the merchanter families and Pell Station, the primary transit point between Earth and Union space. The conflict comes to a head at Pell in late and early , as described in the novel Downbelow Station. Faced with the increasingly dangerous situation, many of the merchanter families finally band together to form the Merchanter's Alliance, creating a third, neutral power, soon after a team arrives from Earth to negotiate an end to the conflict.

Mazian refuses to accept the peace, and the Fleet continues to fight on, this time in the service of his ambition.

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When Signy Mallory, one of his most senior captains, learns of his plans to seize control of Earth itself, she and her ship, Norway , defect to the new Alliance, becoming the core of its militia. The remainder of the Fleet remains loyal to Mazian, but he is forced to launch his coup attempt prematurely. Forewarned, Earth manages to defend itself. With Earth turned against the "Mazianni", Union sees a chance to finally rid itself of its bitter enemy. Because Union does not dare weaken its forces at this crucial juncture to guard its rear against the newborn state, the Alliance is able to broker a favorable peace treaty, with Pell Station as its de facto home base.

The treaty cedes to the Alliance a monopoly on interstellar commerce, even within Union, giving it the power to shut down stations simply by withholding trade. The Mazianni are gradually driven off, as mentioned in Rimrunners and Merchanter's Luck.

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The Space Between Us (The Genetic Space Wars Series Book 1) eBook: Eliza Brown, Rose Brown: Kindle Store. Anna, a university student, sits in a chair that takes her into space. The chair is linked to Anna's emotions and as she goes deeper into space she finds the truth .

In Tripoint , however, it is revealed that they have discovered another habitable world and are establishing a colony there. As the danger of the Mazianni recedes, a new rivalry develops between the Alliance and Union. Union resents the treaty restrictions, while the Alliance fears being overwhelmed by Union's much larger population. Tensions rise further when Gehenna, a precious habitable planet in the Alliance sphere of influence, is found to harbor a population descended from a secret Union military mission deliberately abandoned there to deny the Alliance an easy acquisition.

Meanwhile, within Union, two political factions vie to determine its future. Unbeknownst to either, brilliant scientist and political leader Ariane Emory has her own agenda. The events depicted in the first books in the series, Heavy Time and Hellburner , take place shortly after the start of the war. Most of the books set in this universe, however, take place subsequent to the establishment of both the Merchanter Alliance and the breakaway Union, hence the label "Alliance-Union" universe.

The works in the series are usually described as space opera , or especially for works such as Cyteen and Downbelow Station , hard science fiction. The "Company Wars" novels and the Faded Sun trilogy regarding the Mri Wars are also examples of the military science fiction subgenre. The Merovingen Nights series takes place on a single planet and features swashbuckling heroes and low levels of technology, and as such might be classified as science fantasy , borrowing elements from the historic sword and planet subgenre; this is also true for the Morgaine Cycle books, set remotely in time and space from the main sequence.

Unlike most works in this universe, the novel Voyager in Night also borrows elements from horror fiction. Cherryh has stated that with two exceptions, the books set in the Alliance—Union universe can be read in any order, "just like real history. Mazian makes the fateful decision to rebel and attempt to take over Earth itself.

Downbelow Station ends with his implied failure, and the defection of one of his most senior captains, Signy Mallory, and her ship Norway to the newborn Merchanter's Alliance, based at Pell. The remaining ships, outlawed by all three major powers, return to guerrilla warfare : hit-and-run raids and preying on merchant ships for replacement personnel and equipment. At least three subsequent merchanter novels mention the Mazianni. Cherryh wrote a collection of songs about the station trade in the Alliance—Union universe.

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These were recorded by filk musician Leslie Fish and others, and released in on an album entitled Finity's End. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses of "Alliance-Union", see Alliance-Union disambiguation.


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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Frysk Italiano Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Industrious, stocky humanoids; little regard for other races that are in the way of valuable resources. Large, semi-reptilians of uncertain intelligence; some bond telepathically with the descendants of 40, colonists deliberately abandoned by Union on a planet in the Alliance sphere of influence to cause trouble for the rival power. Bipedal felines, with many parallels to lions; matriarchal society — only females travel off-planet, as merchants and traders; males are considered too unstable, at least until Pyanfar Chanur changes the rules.

Dangerous, psychic, predatory humanoids who travel in lone, huge, immensely powerful spaceships and terrorize other species with their sometimes incomprehensible behavior; more technologically advanced than any other known civilization; members of several species, including at least one human, have been forcibly taken as slaves. Long-snouted bipedal carnivores; extremely competitive; quick to shift "loyalty" to whoever is in power or likely to take over, in their frequent, often lethal power struggles. Multi-legged methane-breathers; packrats; chaotic; they along with the Tc'a control the most advanced jump tech in the Compact, capable of maneuvers no others can match.

Hive-mind insectoids — the entire species consists of only four distinct hive-minds, identified by the Meth-maren by color blue, green, red and gold. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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