The Four Horsemen: The Light Trilogy (The Light Series Book 2)

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Oh…and do expect me to Private message you if I have questions!!!

All joking aside, you know that I love your blog and the books that you suggest; so thank you for helping me find good books to read! Hahhahahaaaa YAY!!!! These books changed my book life. Seriously, the whole week I read these, I was just a wreck in a good way. Not sad tears, just super super emotional tears.

I LOVE this series — the characters were amazing and its something that stays with you for a long time…. Just bought this. LOVE historical romance!

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Okay so I am convinced that I will have to give this series a try, especially since you said no books could compare! You have my attention and the books have been added to my To Read list! Thanks for sharing your series favorite! All I know is Tatiana and Alexander are a match made in heaven.

So inspiring and intense.

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I flipped through these books like they were nothing. Absolutely compelling and heart-stoppingly sad yet beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to THE most amazing Trilogy ever written. I am almost done with Summer Garden. There are so many emotions that you go through reading these books. I will need other readers of these series therapy when I get done in the next day or so….

I am so glad that someone else loves this trilogy as much as I do!! I have read them all several times!!

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I am so glad I took your recommendation and read these books!!! I think I have fallen as deeply in love with Tatiana and Alexander as you have! I used to think that Mr. Such beautiful books and I recommend them to everyone!!! Thank you for guiding me to these books!!! I agree! Thanks for sharing. I was gifted The Bronze Horseman when I was leaving a workplace aged 20, now 13 years later and I am still as in love with Tatiana and Alexander as I was the first moment I got swept away by their story. Simply amazing, beautiful… the best books I have ever read.


One day I will get them signed. Have tried and tried but no luckyet. My grandmother gave me the first book when I was 16 years old — 12 years later I have read the series over 20 times. Wow 20 times!! I will be re-reading these soon I know.

And I too am convinced that they were real, how can they not be I felt everything in those books. I loved these books! Heartbreaking and soul-crushing but so worth it.

Second favorite series behind the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon for me. I have seen so many people say they love it but put it off because of the whole historical thing. You have eased my worries! Off to buy it now! I loved that trilogy soooooooo much. I laugh, cry, cry, cry, fell in love, cry.

It was beautiful. What do you recommend to read after the Trilogy and the others.

Thanks very much. In fact after reading The Bronze Horseman I looked up pictures to get an idea of what the areas looked like. So excited about the movie. This totally worth it. Could someone please please tell me where The Bridge to Holy Cross figures in this, is it book 4?

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It was just the original title of the second book. I am currently half way and a nerve wreck!!! And therefore, the HEA would not as satisfying as needs be. Sometimes it is hard not to doubt Alexander….

I feel so conflicted, I love him and understands where he comes from but somehow I feel like he has to noble role…. Poor Tania… I love her, I want to give her a huuuge hug!!! I am so sorry if this is not something I was suppose to post, but I so need to vent and feel reassured!! But I am on the verge of a mental breakdown, I need to keep on reading!!! I am so glad I waited to be on vacation to read this!! No other way would have been possible.

He knows his setting well, too. This is one of the best and most unsettling books I have read. He is or was one of the ten or so masters of the genre. Not sure how I stumbled across this post, but thanks!

Cold Light by Traci L. Slatton Book Review

I had read a few of these and enjoyed them, so downloaded a couple of these as audiobooks and have loved them! Haha Katie. I only listen to books or I would never get anything done. I too, came across this site and am downloading as many books as I can. Listening to What She Knew, which someone on here recommended. Hi Sandy, I use Overdrive a lot. I have several library cards. I also find a lot online at torrent sites. Keep your head up there for a while longer and keep looking. The rest of us will have a civilized conversation. The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss is very good.

Of course it depends on what you like. I found it touching and interesting. She meets a lot of people and the experiences she has help her grow. She loves horses.

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You can check it out on Amazon. I like stories about horses and that surround horses or contain horses and stories about other times and stories about women who do things differently. I hope you give it a try! But the books… until 3am reading for sure on the first 2 or 3 in the series. Unfortunately outlander took me months to read! I found them very slow reads and not one you can read in 24 hours. Even switching to audio it took me weeks to finish the book. Well, different strokes for different folks, I always say.

The first book was good but the 2nd book just dragged for me! Sorry outlander fans. Hated the second book of the series…took me forever to finish. Finally, just skipped parts. The rest of the series is great. Many readers had some trouble with book 2 and stopped reading the series. They are missing out on a great epic story.