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Tales of a Lombard Alchemist
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Tales of the Lombard Alchemists

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Sunday Morning Giraffe by J. Daniel Sawyer Goodreads Author. A Lombard Alchemist Tale Aldo is a five-year-old who always gets his way.

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When he doesn't, bad things happen. So when he wakes up his father at 3AM on Sunday and demands a giraffe--in spite of the fact that giraffes do not live in the high desert in the middle of winter--his father grudgingly takes him on a giraffe-hunting safari.

Unfortunately, his parents know nothing A Lombard Alchemist Tale Aldo is a five-year-old who always gets his way.

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  • Sunday Morning Giraffe by J. Daniel Sawyer.

Unfortunately, his parents know nothing about the source of Aldo's will power, and would be shocked to discover that his chief ally is a demon-posessed rat with an agenda of its own involving a toy giraffe from a creepy little pawnshop way out on the edge of nowhere. Get A Copy. More Details Edition Language. The Lombard Alchemist Tales.

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