Potato Au Gratin Casserole Recipes (Family Casserole Recipes Book 36)

Red wine beef stew with potato gratin
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I also like to mix a bit of cheese with the topping. With all that cheesy goodness, it seems doubtful anyone in my family would notice the difference.

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Oh my goodness I can pick out the frozen hash brown ones from a mile away!!! My mom always makes them for Christmas day breakfast! Well, that name certainly fits maybe not the presentation, but the taste is gourmet in my opinion! I am always making stuff ahead so that i can spend time with guests, but never know how much cooking time to add.

I have no doubt that they will turn out well and people will love them!

Am also glad that I can dice potatoes…since slices to me are harder to serve. Excellent recipe. Just have to give it enough time to cook through before you will be wanting to serve it.

We have food allergies and oftentimes have to bring our own food to Holiday celebrations. I make up this recipe up until before you have to bake it, then divide between 2 freezer Ziploc bags and freeze. The day before we would like to have it, I pull a bag out and let it thaw in the fridge. The next day I put it in my slow cooker and cook it for several hours, and take the slow cooker with us to wherever we are going.

Slow Cooker Potatoes Au Gratin and Ham

Made this for Easter dinner to change things up from the usual funeral potatoes. I have to agree with another comment, too much thyme.


It was really over powering for my taste. I bet this would be fabulous minus the thyme. Just my preference. Thanks for all the yummy recipes, this is my go to place when making my meal plan for the week. I made this recipe tonight for dinner and my husband and I loved them.

Never knew Corn Flakes could taste so good on top of potatoes! Love the idea of substituting Ritz crackers or potato chips for the topping as well. I just love your blog. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to us.

18 Potatoes Au Gratin Recipes You Need In Your Life

Thanks for a great recipe, far superior to the cream of mushroom variety! Do you have any idea how I could make this without wheat flour and not tasting weird?

eximolho.tk We top these with crushed potato chips rather than corn flakes. Also…a reheating tip: melt some butter in a non-stick skillet and add the leftover potato casserole. You can do this in sections with a spatula. So yummy…and a hundred times better than microwaving them!

Au Gratin Potato and Ham Casserole

I use potato chips as well. Since I live alone, I put the potatoes in small casseroles and freeze. Top with chips before baking about 25 min. I plan to make them the night before. Can I add the corn flake crumbs then or should I put them on right before putting in the oven? This may sound like a strange question butcould you please tell me how much aproximately your large onions weigh? Hi Alex — I just pulled what I would consider a pretty standard large onion from my pantry and weighed it. I think you could use an onion ranging as low as grams and be fine.

I hope that helps! Wow made these last night and they are the best scalloped potatoes ever!

Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Thank you for all the rest recipes. They are already buttery and golden and when toasted on top of the potatoes they carmelize every so slightly. I always make them in smaller dishes and freeze without topping I use potato chips Just thaw in fridge and bake for about 30 min for a 1. These were so easy and really yummy with our Christmas ham! Thanks Mel! Hi Julianne — I usually peel and boil them until tender in large pieces, usually just cut in half. Drain and let cool and then shred on a box grater or dice into small pieces. If shredding, it helps if the potatoes are completely cooled and even chilled a bit in the refrigerator.

Had these today for Easter dinner, and I have to say they were the star of the show! They were so yummy.

Slow Cooker Potatoes Au Gratin and Ham

Everyone loved them so much there were no left overs. Thanks for another great recipe!! The leftovers of mine make a pretty delicious potato soup if you add some extra liquid. Thanks Mel.

I did wait to cook and they were amazing. Good thing I made two pans because they were scraping this dish! I made these potatoes last night using frozen shredded hash browns because it is faster and they were delicious! The one thing I would do differently next time is leave out the thyme because I thought it was too overpowering. I served the potatoes with grilled pork chops, rosemary bread, skillet green beans, and strawberry spinach salad all your recipes!

It was an amazing dinner! Thank you so much, Mel, for sharing your recipes! I am about to go make your magical layered brownies. Thanks for this recipe! Do you think Greek yogurt would sub okay for the sour cream?

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Thanks again! I have used plain Greek yogurt as a sub for the sour cream since the beginning and its amazing! Those canned cream soups are full of total junk. This uses actual fresh ingredients, not some goop out of a can. I really appreciate being able to sub the flour for a gluten free blend and use a gluten free corn flake topping so fit my dietary needs.

Thank you for this fantastic recipe, and lots of others, too! I am loving your easter meal planning post! Also, when you make these potatoes do you typically use the frozen hash browns or shred your own potatoes? Love your blog, keep the great recipes coming! Hi Britany — I use both.