Mohammed and the Unbelievers (The Islamic Trilogy Book 1)

Mohammed and the Unbelievers (The Islamic Trilogy Book 1)
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  • Sharia Law for Non-Muslims (A Taste of Islam).
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  • A Political Life;

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The knowledge is foundational and undeniable. Curriculum CSPI offers a structured teaching system with 4 levels of scope. Level 1: - for free - the goal is to provide education in Political Islam on a basic level giving a general idea about how it works and how it affects culture, nations and people. Levels 2, 3 and 4: - paid - the goal is to improve the detailed knowledge in Political Islam in more specific topics so you become a skilled and educated debater.

CSPI Lectors Political Islam can be learned by everyone not only by reading books and texts, but there are CSPI authorized lectors teachers , who can be invited by your school, church, organization or by any other community to hold a public lecture and answer questions. Here are some reasons why educating yourself in Political Islam will benefit you and your family, neighbors and your society:. You will be able to have fact-based arguments in any discussion. Not only opinions, but hard facts from the best authorities there are Mohammed and Allah from the official Trilogy. Nobody will be able to call you a bigot or extremist because you take the information from the most official respected sources.

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Mohammed and the Unbelievers: The Sira, A Political Biography

Robert Spencer Writer. Jews News and Media Event. Much harder to answer than the first question, maybe impossible, especially in view of its astonishing lack of morality. The book has some shortcomings. It is not well edited. A re-issue should invest some time in proof-reading. Then I have a problem with the fact that the publishers do not explain who they are and what the purpose of the study center is.

The version that they give is quite obviously not genuine. In such cases it is better, in my opinion, to be quite frank about background. Not many readers like to be fooled about such things. In the end one might say the editorial purpose is achieved: the summarized and paraphrased text seems to self-destruct. We see the hero as a monster. Since that looks a little too simple, one might want to read on elsewhere. Amazon Customer — May 9, :. Guillaume, is pages of very confusing, dense, close set type and is very heavy going. The editors have let the document speak for itself and editorial comments are very few. Rosenzweig Lives — April 4, :. Rosenzweig Lives on April 4, This book is fascinating. Further context is provided by occasional qoutes from the other books of the Islamic triad-canon, the Hadith and the Koran.

The amazing thing about the historical Mohammed is that everything we know about him comes from the Sira, Hadith and Koran. According to Sir William Muir, Marcus Dods, and some others, Mohammed was at first sincere, but later, carried away by success, he practised deception wherever it would gain his end. According to this author, the prophet was false even to the ethical traditions of the idolatrous brigands among whom he lived, and grossly violated the easy sexual morality of his own system.

Bill Warner

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Please order our products via Amazon. Mohammed and the Unbelievers Rated 4. Mohammed and the Unbelievers quantity. Additional information Weight. Warner has, No axe to grind and No reason to deceive. Lux on October 15, Ignore history, and you may have to relive it. ISIS is emulating it today. Wenner on November 16, Seldom do authors put so much time and effort into their books, for all people as does Bill Warner.

Rosenzweig Lives on April 4, This book is fascinating. Add a review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review.


International Customers, to avoid excessive shipping costs. I deal with facts, not opinions. Bill Warner. Warner defines political Islam as that part of Islamic doctrine which concerns the non-Muslim. Warner is the author of fifteen books, including the Amazon bestseller, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, which is published in 20 languages. This method gives a context to the book which makes the meaning transparent. All his books are concise and easy to understand.

Warner has published numerous articles on the topic of Political Islam and is a prolific video blogger with over videos dedicated to commentary and education on this subject. Warner has led seminars and given public talks throughout the United States and Canada, and internationally in Central Europe and the Balkan countries. Warner created the first self-study courses on political Islam.

His books give an overview of the complete Islamic doctrine and address how the doctrine is applied to world events. CSPI books are also available as a web-based community learning platform. He has been a research scientist at the Sarnoff Princeton Labs, a business owner of an energy efficiency company and a university professor. Warner holds that the totality of the true nature of Islam is found in the Trilogy of the Koran, the Sira the biography of Mohammed and the Hadith the traditions of Mohammed.

All evaluation of Islamic history and current activity is caused by the doctrine found in this Trilogy. Therefore, it is impossible to understand any Islamic action without knowing the doctrine that is its cause. Warner postulates that there are three independent views of Islam that are not reconcilable. The three views are believer-centric, apologist-centric and Kafir- centric. The believer-centric view is the view of a Muslim.

The Qur’an and the OT

Apologist-centric is based upon the apologetic view of non-Muslims. Kafir-centric is the view of the non- Muslim. A comprehensive knowledge of Islam must include all three. These views cannot be resolved, but each must stand alone. Realizing that the Islamic texts had been made deliberately difficult to read and comprehend, he set out to organize the doctrine in a manner that would be easily understood by the average per-son. As he analyzed the foundational Islamic texts, it became clear that Islam is not constructed on the same civilizational principles as the rest of the world.

The Religious Situation Of Arabia Before Prophet Muhammad [SAW] : Series: Episode 4

Simple statistical methods revealed that dualism and submission were the foundational principles of Islamic doctrine.