Intelectuais portugueses e a cultura brasileira: depoimentos e estudos (Portuguese Edition)

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Portugal supports Franco: the two men if captured would be returned to certain death. Some of them plot to steal a boat, rescue the Spaniards and smuggle them out of Portugal to join up with the Republicans. Jorge falls in love with Mercedes, the sister of a conspirator, but she is engaged to Almeida, a sailor co-opted to pilot the boat to Spain.

Poesia I [i. In Crete, with the minotaur, and other poems by Jorge de Sena Book 16 editions published in in English and Portuguese and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Estudos de literatura portuguesa by Jorge de Sena Book 20 editions published between and in Portuguese and Undetermined and held by 99 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

England revisited by Jorge de Sena Book 13 editions published in in 3 languages and held by 90 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Teixeira de Pascoaes: poesia by Teixeira de Pascoaes Book 7 editions published between and in Portuguese and Undetermined and held by 86 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Audience Level. Related Identities. Qui dove la terra finisce e il mare comincia Silvio Berlusconi e il Portogallo.

Lo Stato etico da Salazar a Marcelo Caetano.

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Le destre radicali e il liberalismo portoghese: alle radici di una dittatura. The Fascist elites, government and the Grand Council. The effects of austerity measures on quality of healthcare services: a national survey of physicians in the public and private sectors in Portugal.

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The impact factor as a legitimator of the scientific knowledge produced: a review of the literature. What 'digital divide' between generations? A cross-national analysis using data from the world internet project. Movimento em rede e protestos no Brasil: qual gigante acordou? Piracy cultures: editorial introduction.

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Networked life world: four dimensions of the cultures of networked belonging. The strategic strength of weak signal analysis. P2P in the networked future of European cinema. Telecommunications for the needy: how needed are they? From mass to networked communication: communicational models and the informational society.

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Futebol, identidade e media na Sociedade em Rede. The Catholic Church and the crisis: the case of Portugal. Players and arenas: strategic interactionism in social movements studies. Back to the revolution: the Portuguese spring and its 'austere anniversary'. Protest and mobilisation in Portugal under austerity, — Contentious politics and student dissent in the twilight of the Portuguese dictatorship: analysis of a protest cycle. La rivoluzione prima della rivoluzione. A luta contra o cancro em Portugal.

Trends and consequences of the technocratic paradigm of childbirth in Portugal: a population-based analysis of birth conditions and social characteristics of parents. Organizational practices for learning with work accidents throughout their information cycle. Interparental conflict and adolescents' self-representations: the role of emotional insecurity. Internalized stigma and quality of life domains among people with mental illness: the mediating role of self-esteem. Security in the Interparental Subsystem SIS scale: psychometric characteristics in a sample of Portuguese adolescents.

Clinical profiles of stigma experiences, self-esteem and social relationships among people with schizophrenia, depressive, and bipolar disorders. Is it a fe male pain? Engendering pain management practices: the role of physician sex on chronic low-back pain assessment and treatment prescriptions. Perceptions of quantitative methods in higher education: mapping student profiles. Why firms do not enrol in socio-technical networks empirical evidence from Portugal.

Towards the liberation of labour markets in Europe. Inhibiting factors in a hypothetical shoplifting situation - a contribution to crime prevention. Vitimologia e medo do crime. Social work practices and the ecological sustainability of socially vulnerable communities. Levels of governance in policy innovation cycles in community education: the cases of education for sustainable development and climate change education. International patterns of environmental policy change and convergence. The international sources of policy convergence: explaining the spread of environmental policy innovations. The global diffusion of regulatory instruments: the making of a new international environmental regime. The diffusion of new environmental policy instruments. Strategic environmental planning and uncertainty: a cross-national comparison of green plans in industrialized countries. National environmental policy planning in OECD countries: preliminary lessons from cross-national comparisons.

Rethinking individuals: new figurations. Mulheres nas principais orquestras portuguesas. Sarah Affonso, mulher de artista. Portugal, national identity and Portuguese youth. Falar da vida II. Falar da vida I. Problemas e virtudes na defesa da biografia. Alvarez: ambiguidades na biografia de um pintor. Mecenato cultural de empresa em Portugal. Identidade nacional e social dos jovens. Bienais e artistas em Cerveira. Exploring unobserved household living conditions in multilevel choice modeling: an application to contraceptive adoption by Indian women.

Multilevel effects of wealth on women's contraceptive use in Mozambique.

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Dominance of sterilization and alternative choices of contraception in India: an appraisal of the socioeconomic impact. Disentangling the relation between wealth and contraceptive use in India: a multilevel probit regression approach. Fertility differentials and educational attainment in Portugal: a non-linear relationship. O adiamento da fecundidade em Portugal Portuguese fertility transition and the multiple response system.

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A ilha da Madeira. Sisto Quaranta e la memoria del Quadraro.

L'approccio qualitativo per la comprensione e l'interpretazione del reale. School architecture: an analysis of the role of the state in the re configuration of the profession. Designing science laboratories: learning environments, school architecture and teaching and learning models. The impact of polytechnic institutes on the local economy. Wavering between hope and disenchantment: the case of early school leaving in Portugal. Educational policies, territories and actors strategies.

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A literacia quantitativa no quotidiano. Mainstream party strategies towards extreme right parties: the French and Presidential Elections.


The positions mainstream left parties adopt on immigration: a cross-cutting cleavage? The impact of extreme-right parties on immigration policy in Italy and France in the early s. The effectiveness of french immigration policy under president Nicolas Sarkozy. The end of a strategic opening? The BNP's window of opportunity in the s and its closure in the s. British and French policies towards high-skilled immigration during the s: policy outplays politics or politics trumps policy? Trends and dilemmas facing environmental education in Portugal: from environmental problem assessment to citizenship involvement.

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Intelectuais portugueses e a cultura brasileira: depoimentos e estudos ( Portuguese Edition) [Maria Lúcia Outeiro Fernandes, Renata Soares Junqueira ( org.). Intelectuais portugueses e a cultura brasileira: depoimentos e estudos ( Portuguese Edition). by Márcia Valéria Zamboni Gobbi, Maria Lúcia Outeiro Fernandes.

The role of non-scholar organisations in environmental education: a case study from Portugal. A study protocol to evaluate the relationship between outdoor air pollution and pregnancy outcomes. Who's afraid of Local Agenda 21? Top-down and bottom-up perspectives on local sustainability.

Emigrating peasants and returning emigrants: emigration with return in a Portuguese village. Regresso de emigrantes e desenvolvimento regional en Portugal. Social work in the web of social protection: contexts and alternatives. The contribution of the intervention in social networks and community social work at the local level to social and human development. Satisfying needs and expectations of terminal cancer patients: organizational challenges to social workers. Community radio stations sustainability model: an open-source solution.

Media and generations in Portugal. Fandubbing em Portugal: um estudo de caso sobre cultura participativa em rede. The European electoral manifestos a preliminary analysis of the main competition dimensions.